In this critically-acclaimed theatrical journey through the Seven Kingdoms, direct from sold out shows in London’s West End and Australia, avid ‘Thrones’ fan Graeme just wants to recreate his favourite fantasy saga on stage – aided and abetted by his best friend Paul and the girl he used to fancy at school – Bryony. He doesn’t quite have the same budget as the TV show, or as many cast members, or the performance skill required, but he’s sure George RR Martin would approve – and that’s what matters. But when news reaches them that an influential theatrical producer is in the building, Graeme decides that this could be his big break – as long as nothing goes wrong …

Writer and BAFTA winner Jon Brittain said: “Graeme of Thrones is a parody/farce/show-within-a-show/loving-homage. It’s nice to be in a room where being an anally retentive fanboy is actually a good thing! The team are having a lovely time geeking out and discussing how ridiculous Ser Jorah and Littlefinger’s voices are, how Daenerys really should have double checked there was a no-nudity clause in her contract, and how Jon Snow really is incredibly boring (but so pretty!).”

Created by a team of some of the UK’s top comedy writers, Graeme of Thrones is a wacky and wicked parody on the international phenomenon that is Game Of Thrones.

See it before the inevitable lawsuit!

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Graeme of Thrones is at The Charing Cross Theatre in London beginning 20th September 2017.

Tickets can be booked direct from the theatre HERE

Audience Reviews

@azacross –

Brilliant night watching Graeme of Thrones… funniest thing I’ve seen since Book of Mormon #GraemeofThrones

@mattdeanbrown –

@GraemeTheShow guys… seven hells that was funny. What a presentation! Now, GET IN THE DRAGON!

@SamYoung1989 –

@GraemeTheShow was simply the best thing I have ever seen. Thank You. Yours sincerely, The Mountain #graemeofthrones

@Nelmer93 –

Amazingly hilarious performances tonight @GraemeTheShow, highly recommended!

@Sharondigz –

Graeme of Thrones was brilliant tonight, laughed lots @GraemeTheShow

@Sues2009 –

Been to see “Graeme Of Thrones” at local theatre tonight. #GameofThrones fans catch it if you can… so funny

@CamillaMason –

Completely daft and also hilarious @GraemeTheShow love the ending #GetInTheDragon! #GameofThrones

@MushyTales –

Back from @GraemeTheShow – what a fucking fantastic show – if they’re coming to your town, see it. You won’t be disappointed.

@_mermaidmelody –

Graeme of Thrones was incredible. I managed to take bits of Sansa’s period home with me, you know, as a memento.

@jelliconcarne –

Never laughed SO much at a show before, think I’ve developed a six pack! @GraemeTheShow was incredible! Amazing actors, amazing everything!!

@PHutchinson –

I was the mountain! Had a fantastic night @GraemeTheShow laughed so much my sides will still be hurting in the morning.

@stereojonics –

Just seen @GraemeTheShow I haven’t laughed so hard and so much in ages! Fantastic actors and a great show, great night out

@NickiBrooksx –

Just seen Graeme Of Thrones… Utterly mad and thoroughly entertaining. Haven’t laughed so hard in ages.

@leighto_ellie –

What a super performance from @GraemeTheShow! Amazing actors, if you get the chance to see it, do it! #graemeofthrones

@ejhastilow –

@GraemeTheShow was brilliant! Still laughing. If you’re a fan of @GameOfThrones and/or comedy you need to see it.

@HannahC2812 –

@GraemeTheShow 72/10, would watch again! It was awesome

@Vicky_NotLost –

Still chuckling @GraemeTheShow from Wednesday performance. All #GOT fans should check it out

@samfootman –

Absolutely loved @GraemeTheShow tonight was sooo good!! A MUST SEE #funny #theatre #graemeofthrones

@jordanconnoll11 –

Well done to the cast of @GraemeTheShow tonight!! You were an absolute delight. Good luck with the rest of your tour!!

@Essitam –

@GraemeTheShow it was fucking awesome

@skyebenson –

@GraemeTheShow bloody brilliant show!! Haven’t laughed so much in a good while! Front row seats were GREAT! Thank you

@Essitam –

I actually laughed until I cried @GraemeTheShow tonight. You now nothin’ Jon Snuw.

@Nick_Meikle –

Trying to explain @GraemeTheShow to my wife, drunk, was quite an adventure in itself. Really funny show for any fan of GOT

@jamrich88 –

Hilarious night at #GraemeOfThrones. Mind bogglingly funny stuff!

@robbynbobbyn –

Genius. Absolutely crying from laughing! Everyone needs to go and see this!! #graemeofthrones

@ElouisePlease –

OMG Graeme Of Thrones is hilarious! So glad that we got tickets #GraemeOfThrones

@ndypartington –

Really enjoyed Graeme Of Thrones @The_Lowry tonight. Good balance between parody/pastiche and genuine love for the show. #getinthedragon

@DanThwaite –

Loved @GraemeTheShow tonight. A great show for any Game of Thrones fan.

@ldaDL45 –

Awesomeness @GraemeTheShow tonight. Pity I couldn’t find a doorstop though #epicmerchideas

@jemimarosemann –

Haven’t laughed so hard in a long time – #graemeofthrones was hilarious @GraemeTheShow

@snorman42 –

Just saw the rather funny #GraemeOfThrones. Haven’t laughed that hard in forever – thanks!

@Alannah_Y –

@GraemeTheShow was absolutely fantastic!! Great parody of GoT!! All I have to say it #GETINTHEDRAGON

@RazzaSmazza –

Emotional Scenes at @GraemeTheShow… Think they should be consulted for the finale of this season. #dothrakidothrakidothraki

@The_Hislop_Girl –

#graemeofthrones was hilarious! Never laughed so much! Dothraki dothraki

@Li_Bo_X –

Can’t stop laughing about @GraemeTheShow last night. Unreal show, so so funny. Great cast. I need the merchandise.

@carl_millar88 –

@GraemeTheShow was absolutely hilarious. The period was riveting.

@EmScarborough1 –

@GraemeTheShow Stomach is sore from laughing… Brilliant show. Hope you come back soon!

@Li_Bo_X –

Half way through @graemetheshow can’t stop laughing. Absolutely hilarious

@GraemeTheShow it really does come highly recommended Go see it everyone!

@coopacooper –

Saw @GraemeTheShow last night – AMAZING!!

@writer_mich –

Good times – @GraemeTheShow was brilliantly cruel, funny and crazy!

@SomeGuyDomic –

Sat front row for the GoT parody Graeme Of Thrones and it’s fucking hilarious. A+

@jaycrispcrow –

The perfect date night for GOT fans… @GraemeTheShow GO TONIGHT!

@proudypants –

@GraemeTheShow was exceptionally funny tonight… A must for any #GoT fan

@JessicaNaftaly –

Don’t think I’ve ever laughed as hard during a show as I did last week when I saw @GraemeTheShow! It’s brilliant!

@monolithicjj –

A blur of fun at the hilarious @GraemeTheShow tonight. AND I got to sit in the iron throne…

@tylerwrites –

Never has #GameofThrones been quite so in your face – quite literally – as in this side splitting West End parody @GraemeTheShow – go see it!

@EllaPaskett –

If there’s nothing else you do go see the hysterical @GraemeTheShow

@EastEndLass –

Graeme Of Thrones. The funniest thing I’ve seen in ages. Laughed too much. Love love love #laughterheadache

@Metts28 –

Fantastic evening @CamboTheatre @GraemeTheShow, Graeme of thrones! Hilarious, Fully recommend seeing it #graemeofthrones

@therealsayers –

Highly recommend @GraemeTheShow. Great evening. Laughed so much!

@fleekhan –

@GraemeTheShow really good @Rosetheatre tonight. Hilarious show all the way through. Sansa will never be the same for me

@Pedro_Sawowski –

@GraemeTheShow just saw the show, I laughed myself blind… but that’s worth it. GOT to sit on the throne too BRILLIANT

@Taylord291075 –

@GraemeTheShow watched you guys in Scunthorpe last night. Cried with laughter so many times. Awesome, a must watch for any GOT fans.

@AnneH2012 –

Just home from @theplowright. What a great night watching @GraemeTheShow.So funny, thanks so much the three of you, terrific performance


Home from @GraemeTheShow brilliant! Even the sceptic with me laughed and thoroughly enjoyed himself!

@Taebekuk –

Wept with laughter tonight! thank you! you have made an old man very happy ????

@john_cade –

Saw the show in Ilkley last night. Absolutely inspired lunacy. Haven’t laughed so much since Joffrey died. Brilliant show.

@LaurenBethany92 –

I don’t know what I’ve just witnessed. But oh. My. God. Hilarious. Keep going!

@james_the_5th –

Just saw @GraemeTheShow in Schenectady @atProctors. Absolutely hysterical and amazing

@Willindaburgh –

Great show in Pittsburgh tonight..thank you.. top notch talent and creativity

@Whitey757 –

Just saw Graeme of Thrones at Adelaide #fringefestival. Wow! So much blood!

@Bec_Dent –

Never seen #GameOfThrones but I just saw @GraemeTheShow at #ADLfringe #ThinkTheRealThingWouldBeADisapointmentAfterThat I ❤ #GraemeOfThrones

@KevinRBrackett –

I absolutely LOVED this show, couldn’t stop laughing. If you love #GameofThrones, go see @GraemeTheShow while you still can! Words can’t even do it justice! Go see @GraemeTheShow now!

@DarkSideSTL –

Can’t find enough good things to say about @GraemeTheShow. Ridiculously funny!

@real_j_doe –

@GraemeTheShow -we had a wonderful time tonight. You guys were genius. A truly great show.

@JamesMcHale –

My prayers to the Gods (old & new) answered by @GraemeTheShow.

@DrKatNap –

Thanks for the many laughs last night @GraemeTheShow! I love a good interpretive dance about first periods.

@MRCHanian –

@GraemeTheShow for anyone who is a Games of Thrones fan this is a must, great show last night in Toronto. You guys are awesome!!!!

@djbr33ze –

@GraemeTheShow Thanks for the best show I’ve seen in years! Go get your tickets everyone before they are all gone!


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