Audience Reviews

@azacross –

Brilliant night watching Graeme of Thrones… funniest thing I’ve seen since Book of Mormon #GraemeofThrones

@mattdeanbrown –

@GraemeTheShow guys… seven hells that was funny. What a presentation! Now, GET IN THE DRAGON!

@SamYoung1989 –

@GraemeTheShow was simply the best thing I have ever seen. Thank You. Yours sincerely, The Mountain #graemeofthrones

@Nelmer93 –

Amazingly hilarious performances tonight @GraemeTheShow, highly recommended!

@Sharondigz –

Graeme of Thrones was brilliant tonight, laughed lots @GraemeTheShow

@Sues2009 –

Been to see “Graeme Of Thrones” at local theatre tonight. #GameofThrones fans catch it if you can… so funny

@CamillaMason –

Completely daft and also hilarious @GraemeTheShow love the ending #GetInTheDragon! #GameofThrones

@MushyTales –

Back from @GraemeTheShow – what a fucking fantastic show – if they’re coming to your town, see it. You won’t be disappointed.

@_mermaidmelody –

Graeme of Thrones was incredible. I managed to take bits of Sansa’s period home with me, you know, as a memento.

@jelliconcarne –

Never laughed SO much at a show before, think I’ve developed a six pack! @GraemeTheShow was incredible! Amazing actors, amazing everything!!

@PHutchinson –

I was the mountain! Had a fantastic night @GraemeTheShow laughed so much my sides will still be hurting in the morning.

@stereojonics –

Just seen @GraemeTheShow I haven’t laughed so hard and so much in ages! Fantastic actors and a great show, great night out

@NickiBrooksx –

Just seen Graeme Of Thrones… Utterly mad and thoroughly entertaining. Haven’t laughed so hard in ages.

@leighto_ellie –

What a super performance from @GraemeTheShow! Amazing actors, if you get the chance to see it, do it! #graemeofthrones

@ejhastilow –

@GraemeTheShow was brilliant! Still laughing. If you’re a fan of @GameOfThrones and/or comedy you need to see it.

@HannahC2812 –

@GraemeTheShow 72/10, would watch again! It was awesome

@Vicky_NotLost –

Still chuckling @GraemeTheShow from Wednesday performance. All #GOT fans should check it out

@samfootman –

Absolutely loved @GraemeTheShow tonight was sooo good!! A MUST SEE #funny #theatre #graemeofthrones

@jordanconnoll11 –

Well done to the cast of @GraemeTheShow tonight!! You were an absolute delight. Good luck with the rest of your tour!!

@Essitam –

@GraemeTheShow it was fucking awesome

@skyebenson –

@GraemeTheShow bloody brilliant show!! Haven’t laughed so much in a good while! Front row seats were GREAT! Thank you

@Essitam –

I actually laughed until I cried @GraemeTheShow tonight. You now nothin’ Jon Snuw.

@Nick_Meikle –

Trying to explain @GraemeTheShow to my wife, drunk, was quite an adventure in itself. Really funny show for any fan of GOT

@jamrich88 –

Hilarious night at #GraemeOfThrones. Mind bogglingly funny stuff!

@robbynbobbyn –

Genius. Absolutely crying from laughing! Everyone needs to go and see this!! #graemeofthrones

@ElouisePlease –

OMG Graeme Of Thrones is hilarious! So glad that we got tickets #GraemeOfThrones

@ndypartington –

Really enjoyed Graeme Of Thrones @The_Lowry tonight. Good balance between parody/pastiche and genuine love for the show. #getinthedragon

@DanThwaite –

Loved @GraemeTheShow tonight. A great show for any Game of Thrones fan.

@ldaDL45 –

Awesomeness @GraemeTheShow tonight. Pity I couldn’t find a doorstop though #epicmerchideas

@jemimarosemann –

Haven’t laughed so hard in a long time – #graemeofthrones was hilarious @GraemeTheShow

@snorman42 –

Just saw the rather funny #GraemeOfThrones. Haven’t laughed that hard in forever – thanks!

@Alannah_Y –

@GraemeTheShow was absolutely fantastic!! Great parody of GoT!! All I have to say it #GETINTHEDRAGON

@RazzaSmazza –

Emotional Scenes at @GraemeTheShow… Think they should be consulted for the finale of this season. #dothrakidothrakidothraki

@The_Hislop_Girl –

#graemeofthrones was hilarious! Never laughed so much! Dothraki dothraki

@Li_Bo_X –

Can’t stop laughing about @GraemeTheShow last night. Unreal show, so so funny. Great cast. I need the merchandise.

@carl_millar88 –

@GraemeTheShow was absolutely hilarious. The period was riveting.

@EmScarborough1 –

@GraemeTheShow Stomach is sore from laughing… Brilliant show. Hope you come back soon!

@Li_Bo_X –

Half way through @graemetheshow can’t stop laughing. Absolutely hilarious

@GraemeTheShow it really does come highly recommended Go see it everyone!

@coopacooper –

Saw @GraemeTheShow last night – AMAZING!!

@writer_mich –

Good times – @GraemeTheShow was brilliantly cruel, funny and crazy!

@SomeGuyDomic –

Sat front row for the GoT parody Graeme Of Thrones and it’s fucking hilarious. A+

@jaycrispcrow –

The perfect date night for GOT fans… @GraemeTheShow GO TONIGHT!

@proudypants –

@GraemeTheShow was exceptionally funny tonight… A must for any #GoT fan

@JessicaNaftaly –

Don’t think I’ve ever laughed as hard during a show as I did last week when I saw @GraemeTheShow! It’s brilliant!

@monolithicjj –

A blur of fun at the hilarious @GraemeTheShow tonight. AND I got to sit in the iron throne…

@tylerwrites –

Never has #GameofThrones been quite so in your face – quite literally – as in this side splitting West End parody @GraemeTheShow – go see it!

@EllaPaskett –

If there’s nothing else you do go see the hysterical @GraemeTheShow

@EastEndLass –

Graeme Of Thrones. The funniest thing I’ve seen in ages. Laughed too much. Love love love #laughterheadache

@Metts28 –

Fantastic evening @CamboTheatre @GraemeTheShow, Graeme of thrones! Hilarious, Fully recommend seeing it #graemeofthrones

@therealsayers –

Highly recommend @GraemeTheShow. Great evening. Laughed so much!

@fleekhan –

@GraemeTheShow really good @Rosetheatre tonight. Hilarious show all the way through. Sansa will never be the same for me

@Pedro_Sawowski –

@GraemeTheShow just saw the show, I laughed myself blind… but that’s worth it. GOT to sit on the throne too BRILLIANT

@Taylord291075 –

@GraemeTheShow watched you guys in Scunthorpe last night. Cried with laughter so many times. Awesome, a must watch for any GOT fans.

@AnneH2012 –

Just home from @theplowright. What a great night watching @GraemeTheShow.So funny, thanks so much the three of you, terrific performance


Home from @GraemeTheShow brilliant! Even the sceptic with me laughed and thoroughly enjoyed himself!

@Taebekuk –

Wept with laughter tonight! thank you! you have made an old man very happy ????

@john_cade –

Saw the show in Ilkley last night. Absolutely inspired lunacy. Haven’t laughed so much since Joffrey died. Brilliant show.

@LaurenBethany92 –

I don’t know what I’ve just witnessed. But oh. My. God. Hilarious. Keep going!

@james_the_5th –

Just saw @GraemeTheShow in Schenectady @atProctors. Absolutely hysterical and amazing

@Willindaburgh –

Great show in Pittsburgh tonight..thank you.. top notch talent and creativity

@Whitey757 –

Just saw Graeme of Thrones at Adelaide #fringefestival. Wow! So much blood!

@Bec_Dent –

Never seen #GameOfThrones but I just saw @GraemeTheShow at #ADLfringe #ThinkTheRealThingWouldBeADisapointmentAfterThat I ❤ #GraemeOfThrones

@KevinRBrackett –

I absolutely LOVED this show, couldn’t stop laughing. If you love #GameofThrones, go see @GraemeTheShow while you still can! Words can’t even do it justice! Go see @GraemeTheShow now!

@DarkSideSTL –

Can’t find enough good things to say about @GraemeTheShow. Ridiculously funny!

@real_j_doe –

@GraemeTheShow -we had a wonderful time tonight. You guys were genius. A truly great show.

@JamesMcHale –

My prayers to the Gods (old & new) answered by @GraemeTheShow.

@DrKatNap –

Thanks for the many laughs last night @GraemeTheShow! I love a good interpretive dance about first periods.

@MRCHanian –

@GraemeTheShow for anyone who is a Games of Thrones fan this is a must, great show last night in Toronto. You guys are awesome!!!!

@djbr33ze –

@GraemeTheShow Thanks for the best show I’ve seen in years! Go get your tickets everyone before they are all gone!